The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Abdul Waheed Khan | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 59 | Size: 2 MB
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born into a pagan society in which every conceivable vice was practiced and very few virtues existed. As he (PBUH) grew up, he (PBUH) watched with disgust the great drama of the evil around him. He (PBUH) witnessed how the human soul was suppressed, how man was oppressing and exploiting the members of society, how the strong enslaved the poor. Through ignorance, error, superstition and outright perversity, man was debauched by evil. Tyranny reigned supreme. Man was drunk with arrogance, religious formalism and luxury. In these times ignorance, Muhammad (PBUH) grew. He (PBUH) walked upright and straight and won from the people of the Makkah the name; “The Trustworthy” who kept his word and never spoke lie. Muhammad (PBUH) was not taught formally by any man, and yet in years to come. He (PBUH) would teach the whole world such as no man has done throughout history.


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